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Our Investment Philosophy

As Asset Managers, deciding on the proportion of a specific asset to invest in such as stocks, bonds or real assets while measuring overall risk is an everyday process and is different for every manager.  We look for the intrinsic value of any given asset by utilizing a top down macro approach.  Our screening process helps us minimize our search by looking for inadequate basics of a company such as solvency. Further down the process we look for momentum and identify the style of the asset.  Finally, we look at detailed financial data through our research that separates each security from pricing to sectors to business type and other characteristics that would provide final determination for selection.

When using the top down approach we look at the following: 

Economic, Market Sentiment and Political Natures

  • Macroview
  • Sectors, Countries, Themes
  • Macro Security List
  • Security List Analysis
  • Security Breakdown
  • Security Application/Selection to Portfolio